Portech GSM as Provider

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Connect Portech GSM as Provider to MOR

We will connect like this:


  • Phone will dial to MOR
  • MOR will use Portech as Provider to reach GSM network

Provider configuration

Warning.pngMake sure you do not have Device with same username/password as for your Provider!

In this example Portech has dynamic IP.

So we need to register it to MOR.

Create Provider (NOT user/device!!!) in MOR with following settings:


NOTE: password field is empty - somehow in our tests Portech refused to register with password.

Create LCR, assign Provider to it, assign LCR to user, and do all other necessary steps.

Portech configuration

Configure Portech to register to MOR:


Port settings

Set different ports for separate SIMs:


Do not forget to route these ports on the firewall if your Portech is under NAT!


We do not recommend these devices because they are unpredictable and unstable. They may stop working without notice at any time!

Some examples: