Pay Invoice with balance deduction

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  • When an Invoice for a Postpaid User is generated, and the user pays it, we need manually to check it as completed. After this is done, the User's Balance is increased by the value of Invoice.

NOTE that User Balance was decreasing by every Call or/and every applied Service and so on.

  • When an Invoice for a Prepaid User is generated, it is marked as already paid and do not affect User Balance.


Let's see our user's balance (SETTINGS –> Users):


Then in invoices (SETTINGS –> Accounting –> Invoices), we see an invoice for this User:


Click Details to see the invoice details. Check Create payment for completed invoice and click the red cross icon above to mark the invoice as completed and paid:


You will see the invoice as paid:


In user details, we see that the user's balance has increased:


... and in Payments (SETTINGS –> Accounting –> Payments), we see that payment for invoice is created:


NOTE that if you want to revert all changes for Postpaid User, it is enough to click the green check mark in Invoice details. The user balance will be decreased, payment deleted, and the invoice marked as not processed. Prepaid User Balance will not be affected.

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