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This function lets a user register online. It can be accessed in MOR's entry page by clicking on: If you are new user you can signup here:


NOTE: Registration should be enabled in SETTINGS –> Setup –> Settings –> Registration in order to work.

In the following window, the user should enter his details. Fields marked by * are mandatory:


Note: if phone number is entered, it will be automatically added as CLI for user device.

After clicking on Sign up, the user is registered, his account is created and he will see connection info on his screen:


If email sending is enabled (in Settings) and the email SMTP server details are valid, the user will receive an mail containing all the settings. The administrator will also get an email with information about the user who has registered with the system. These two settings should also be enabled.

If you have set every setting to send email to Admin or Reseller when a new user registers, but no email arrives - check whether you have Email set for Admin user.

User Registration settings from Reseller perspective

Reseller has User Online registration settings for his users registration.

Reseller registration settings.png

Send Email to User after Registration: - after registration, registered User will receive Email.

Send Email to Reseller after Registration: - after User registration, Reseller will receive Email.

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