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Make Retail Tariff from Wholesale Tariff go to SETTINGS –> Billing –> Tariffs and click on Make User Retail Tariff link for chosen Tariff. In opened window choose how Rate details have to be changed:

Make user retail tariff.png

  • At least one of Add amount or Add percent must be specified.
  • Add Connection Fee amount and Add Connection Fee amount percent can be left empty.
  • Round by/Increment - this option control how Increment (which will be called Round by in Retail tariff) from wholesale tariff is caculated.
    • Largest from the Source: - Increment with highest value from the destination group will be selected.
    • Custom: - Enter custom value in seconds.


Retail Tariff from Wholesale Tariff Rate calculation is done by the following algorithm:

1. The highest Rate in Wholesale Tariff for Destinations in Destination Group (DG) is selected.
2. This Rate is modified by adding a value or percentage to the price.


Imagine we have a Wholesale Tariff with the following rates for the USA:

  • Prefix 1, rate 0.01.
  • Prefix 12, rate 0.02.
  • Prefix 123, rate 0.03.

And we have Destination Group USA with Destinations (1;12;123) in it.

Now, if we want to create a Retail Tariff by adding 0.005 to the Wholesale tariff, we will have a price for USA Destination Group = 0.035.

For example, the highest Rate from Destinations is selected and modified.

Inner mechanics

The Wholesale Tariff line will have these values:

  • connection_fee
  • min_time
  • increment_s

When transforming to Retail, these Advanced Rates are created:

Based on which variable FROM DURATION TYPE ROUND BY RATE Comments
connection_fee 1 event connection_fee This record is only created when connection_fee > 0.
min_time 1 min_time minute min_time rate This record is only created when min_time > 0.
increment_s min_time + 1 -1 (means 'infinity') minute increment_s rate This record is always created.

VIDEO: How to create Retail Tariff from CSV

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