M4 Supplier Invoices

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M4 Supplier Invoice is used to check the amount difference between the invoices of suppliers sent to the M4 switch owner and the M4 system calculated amount to the supplier.

Admin can see and manage Supplier Invoices in ACCOUNTING –> Supplier Invoices.

Managers can see and manage Supplier Invoices with permission enabled only.

Create Supplier Invoice

In ACCOUNTING –> Supplier Invoices, press on ADD NEW SUPPLIER INVOICE.

Supplier invoices add new.png

Then fill needed data:

M4 Supplier invoices add new fill data.png

  • Supplier - select the Supplier.
  • Time Period From (in Supplier timezone) - choose a date.
  • Time Period Till (in Supplier timezone) - choose a date.
  • Invoice Generation Date - choose a date and time.
  • Supplier's Invoice Amount - enter Supplier's Invoice Amount in selected currency.
  • Exchange rate - set desired exchange rate.
  • Status - possible to select from: In process, Accepted, Protested, Closed, Deleted, Inv. changed.
  • Supplier's Invoice Number - write the Supplier's Invoice number.
  • Attachment - file format must be in PDF, XSLX, or XLS.
  • Note - add note if needed.

Invoices List

M4 Supplier invoices list.png

From the list, you can add see Supplier Invoices, search invoices, export them to CSV, add new invoices, edit invoices, delete invoices, and download attachments.

Edit Supplier Invoice

M4 Supplier invoices edit.png

Here you can change Supplier Invoice data and Recalculate the invoice.