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Quick Stats lets you follow financial statistics of the current month, current day, and real-time (Active Calls).

Quick Stats for the System Admin and Manager

These are the stats for all Calls made in the system in the mentioned periods:

M2 admin quick stats.png

In addition to financial data, uptime stats are shown for active Servers.
Click on the Active Calls value to go to the Active Calls page for more details.
Click on the Calls value to go to the Last Calls page for more details.
Hold the mouse pointer over chosen server line for more details.
Managers can access this page only if have permission to manage DASHBOARD> Quick Stats.
Managers with setting 'Show only assigned Users' on, can only see the data of assigned Users.
View currency can be selected at the top-right corner of the page. Quick Stats currency values are always rounded to 2 decimal places, despite global Visual settings.

Quick Stats for Users

In the Quick Stats, Users can see Statistics of Calls originating or terminated via their Connection Points. These Statistics include the number of Calls, Call Duration, and Price.
With a Setting (MAINTENANCE > Settings > Active Calls > Show Active Calls for Users) Users can also see their Active Calls.
In addition, Users can see their current Balance.

M2 user quick stats.png

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