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Go to Accounting –> Payments and here you will find an archive of all payments which you made through M4.

Payments view admin side:

M2 payments list.png

Gray columns show amounts in a specific currency.

Payments view user side:

M4 payments list user.png


Click on Add new Payment to create a payment and you will be able to select

M4 add new payment.png

  • User – to whom you want to make a payment.
  • Amount or Amount with TAX – payment Amount which should be added to User Balance (TAX will be charged before Amount reaches Balance). It is possible to set just one of these two.
  • Currency – in which Currency you want to make payment.
  • Exchange rate – will be set automatically once you select Currency.
  • Payment date – select payment date. The default date is the current time.
  • Payment destination
    • Payment from Client – adds Amount to User Balance.
    • Payment to Provider – subtracts Amount from User Balance.
  • Additional notes – your comments.

Notify User

On the last step of Payment confirmation, you have a check box, which allows you to send an email to the user to notify him that his payment was confirmed.
If the user does not have email set (Main, Billing, Rates or NOC), the check box will be disabled. If emails are not enabled globally, the check box will not be shown.


Additional Notes you are able to Update after payment.