M4 EU Roaming Regulations

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This guide will show how to bill the call with different Tariffs based on the call's CallerID.

Using this functionality

Here we have:

  • Use Tariff : XXXXX

Using this option it is possible to use another tariff if CallerID matched Rule-Set. It is possible to create a Rule-Set at Maintenance - Number Pools. Also, it offers the possibility to use a CallerID Number from PAI Header if available.

  • Default Tariff - Tariff used for OP accounting if the previous option is not used.

For the calls which come from the EU, an automatically created Number Pool 'EEA' exists, where there are prefixes of the EEA countries: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telephone_numbers_in_Europe#European_Economic_Area

Select Tariff in Use Tariff : XXXXX field for such prices.

For the calls outside EEA, select Default Tariff

It is advised to check YES on 'Use CallerID Number from PAI Header if available' to take CallerID from PAI field if available. If there is no PAI field, then normal CallerID will be used.

It is important to note that CallerID will not be changed. E.g CallerID from OP will be sent to TP. Example, if CallerID is 'anonymous', and PAI has normal CallerID, the call will be billed based on PAI and CallerID 'anonymous' will be sent to TP.


To properly bill EEA calls, we suggest such configuration:

  • Use Tariff: some expensive Tariff for the calls with CallerID from non-EEA countries
    • If CallerID: not-matches (selected)
      • Rule-Set: EEA
      • Use CallerID Number from PAI Header if available: Yes (selected)
    • and if Destination: matches (selected)
      • Rule-Set: EEA
  • Default Tariff: cheap Tariff for the calls with CallerID from EEA countries

This configuration charges higher prices for the calls coming outside the EEA to the EEA and normal/cheap prices for the calls coming from EEA to EEA (local EEA calls)