M4 Balance Report

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Balance Report is located at Accounting -> Balance Report.
Balance report.png

Balance Report dedicated to showing all Traffic, Invoices, Payments, Debt, and User Balance summaries for each User on one page. You are able to set the option in search to show hidden Users.

Traffic to us – Prices sum of Calls which was made through Origination Points which belongs to this User
We invoiced – Prices with TAX sum of each Customer Invoice which Issue date belongs to searched period
Paid to us – sum of Payments from Clients
Debt – We invoiced and Paid to us difference
Traffic from us – sum of the Prices of Calls which was made through Termination Points which belongs to this User
We Paid – sum of Payments to Providers
Our Debt – Invoiced to us and We paid difference
Balance – Our debt and Debt difference

When the system has few different Currencies in use there can be a little difference in final calculations because: Invoices/Payments amounts are calculated same as Total Invoice Price depends on viewing Currency.
Traffic, Dept, and Balance amounts are converted with the current day exchange rate.