M4 10cc FREE Demo version

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Download VM from: https://www.kolmisoft.com/m4-10cc

Run VM in the VMWare:

Login with root/kolmisoft

Execute command: /usr/src/m2/maintenance/reconfigure_ip.sh

When it asks, enter yes and press Enter.

Then execute command: /usr/src/m4/scripts/setup/reconfigure_ip.sh

You will see something like this (yours will be slightly different): Internal IP:

In your browser enter this IP address and /billing Like this:

Login with: admin/admin

Press on System Admin in the top right corner or go to YOUR_IP/billing/users/personal_details/0 and change your admin password

Welcome to the M4 SBC Class 4 Softswitch with complete Billing and Routing functionality!

All information about M4 and its features can be found in the M4 Manual

A good place to start is How to make first call

IMPORTANT! Please change default passwords even if you are running server on testing environment.