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A Local Call is a call made when a device which is connected directly to the system dials the extension of another device connected directly to the system.

Device extensions.png


MOR does not bill Local Calls if extensions are used to dial.

Reports for Local Calls are available in STATISTICS -> Calls -> Local Calls.


If one device dials another using DID, then it is possible to bill such a call.

Local Calls over DIDs are billed using DID Rates, not Tariffs.

Calling to Local Device

Use Extension (of another Local Device) to dial another Local Device. Extension can be found in this Device's Edit window.

Make sure that Device is registered to Asterisk server before dialing.

sip show peers

in Asterisk CLI shows this information.

It is also visible on softphone or VoIP phone screen usually (if this Device is registered to the Asterisk server).

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