Limited Addons

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Limited addons are available starting from MOR X4

Addons extends MOR functionality tremendously.

By default full Addons functionality is not included into base MOR configuration, only limited version of Addons.

If you like the functionality and see the meaning to use it in your business, you can purchase the Addon and use it without limitations.

Currently such limitations are applied to non-purchased Addons:

  • Call Shop Addon - 1 CS, 1 booth and 1 Call Shop manager max
  • Callback Addon - 1 Callback DialPlan, 1 DID max
  • Calling Cards Addon - 1 Calling Card Group, 10 Cards max
  • Monitorings Addon - 5 Alerts max
  • Payment Gateway Addon - 1 payment per day for System Admin
  • PBX Addon - 1 Queue, 1 MOH, 1 Ring-Group, 1 Phonebook, Call-Flow only forward to VM/empty, no forward to number
  • Reseller Addon - 1 Reseller, 2 Reseller's Users max
  • Reseller PRO Addon - 1 Reseller PRO, 2 Reseller's PRO Users max

IMPORTANT: If some addons are not present on your system - it means they will be added later. This functionality is NOT part of the MOR license, so when you buy MOR licence without addons - these Addons could be hidden at all.

Limits will be removed when you purchase the Addon.