LCR Logic

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Here simple LCR (Least Cost Routing) is explained.


We have two providers, A and B.

The dialed destination is 921XXXXXXXXXX.

Provider A has the following rate for the prefix (destination):

  • 92 rate 0.1

No other destination starts with 92.

Provider B has the following rates for prefixes:

  • 92 rate 0.05
  • 921 rate 0.2

So LCR in MOR will group these providers in the following order:

  • Provider A with rate 0.1 (92)
  • Provider B with rate 0.2 (921)

MOR first dials through Provider A. If the call fails, Provider B will be used to send the call.

If the call through Provider A is ANSWERED, BUSY or there's NO ANSWER, the call ends, and Provider B is not used.

Provider B is used ONLY when the call fails through CONGESTION.

The following graphic illustrates LCR logic:

Lcr logic.png