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Kolmisoft VoIP Softswitch with Billing and Routing MOR is an advanced system that enables alternative telecoms to provide flexible voice services, effectively manage service offerings and grow their voice businesses due to the systems stability and high traffic scalability. Kolmisoft System MOR integrates the core AAA functions: Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting with vital functions that facilitate the effective management of all billing/routing-related processes:

  • Customers
  • Services
  • Finances
  • Services distribution
  • Reporting
  • Traffic partners
  • User rights

On the business side, Kolmisoft System MOR makes possible the deployment of services with high-quality and flexibility within any VoIP business model; on the technical side the system maintains seamless performance at high and rapidly increasing traffic volume. The optimal combination of functions, the adaptability to every VoIP business model and rate-plan settings, as well as its stability, make Kolmisoft System MOR the absolute billing/routing and customer care solution for Voice Over IP/Broadband businesses worldwide.