Illegal MOR license

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What is Illegal MOR license?

Be aware that there are people/companies in the market that are selling Illegal (Cracked) MOR licenses.

Buying Illegal MOR might cause a lot of problems for your business and finances.

How can I know that I am buying a legal MOR license?

Please contact Kolmisoft.

What problems I may have with Illegal MOR license?

If you have purchased/got Illegal (Cracked) MOR license, then:

  • You have no right to get support services from Kolmisoft
  • You have no right to upgrades to next software releases
  • You have no right to get refund from Kolmisoft for money you have lost


  • You can lose your money and don't get a service
  • You can lose your clients because you will not get or will get unprofessional support
  • You can gain bad reputation among your clients because of the above reasons
  • Features of Illegal (Cracked) MOR might not work
  • You may suffer from often asterisk crashes (feedback from cracked MOR user below):

the problem we already paid him, now I am suffering from asterisk crashing every 3 days