Example - Configuring DID to ring some Device

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Primary situation

We have:

  • DID - an external number (02180995165) provided by a Provider.
  • The number is from the UK.
  • The connection to the provider is via IAX2, IP:
  • Devices SIP/201 and SIP/202.

We want:

  • To dial the DID 02180995165 using our mobile phone and ring Device SIP/201.


  • To dial the DID 02180995165 using the local Device SIP/202 in order to ring Device SIP/201 (local SIP-SIP call not going to PSTN).




  1. Configure Localization for Provider.
  2. Create Provider.
  3. Register Provider.
  4. Create Devices SIP/201 and SIP/202.
  5. Create/Configure DID.

Configure Localization for Provider

As the DID is not in E.164 format, we must configure MOR to handle this.

Since the DID 02180995165 does not come from the provider in E.164 format, we must create a Location for this provider and add a rule to it. We create Location: UK and add a rule to convert the non-E1.64 DID to E.164 DID: 02180995165 -> 4402180995165.


Create Provider

Create Provider in MOR GUI.

Do not forget to set Location: UK for this Provider.

Register Provider

IF your Provider asks you to register it, do so.

Create Devices SIP/201 and SIP/202

Create Devices as usual (there is no need to edit any .conf files!)

DO NOT forget to set Location: UK for these Devices.

Create/Configure DID

Create DID in E164 format


Reserve this DID to your User


Assign DID to Device SIP/201


That's it.