DID handling by Localization

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When a call comes in to your system from the Provider, it should be localized to E.164 format for DID search. In other words, as DIDs are in E.164 format, whatever comes from the provider should be localized to E.164 to find the correct DID.

To do this, each Provider also has a Location. This means that Location rules can be created and applied for the Provider. You can do this in the Provider settings window:


For example, you have DID 37052058393 and the provider sends you 0037052058393. You need to strip this international prefix with the following rule:


Don't forget to apply the correct Location to the Provider!

Special case: In some countries when E1 is connected to the server, only the four last digits of the number reach MOR. Localization should be used here to add the remaining part of the number.

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