Configure Provider which can make calls

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In order to allow a Provider to make calls, we need to:

  1. Create a new User for it.
  2. Assign the Provider to this User.

NOTE: Provider cannot be assigned to Reseller and to Accountant.

This video shows how to do this:


NOTE: We suggest configuring ONE common provider for outgoing and incoming calls, otherwise (if there will be two providers with the same IP) Asterisk will be confused about which provider should be used to accept calls. If you create few Providers with the same IP or username and password, make sure you assigned them to the same User.

How MOR handles balance for users that are also providers?

The provider's balance increases only when there is a call made through this provider. If the provider is assigned

to the user then, when the same provider is making a call, the user's balance - to which provider is assigned - decreases.

And there is no difference if you have a Provider billing add-on or not.