Change Audio/Video Codecs priority

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You can specify audio and video codecs priority. To specify the priority you have to drag and drop codecs upwards and downwards. Remember to tick the codecs you want to be enabled!

Change codecs order.png

In this example only the codec G.711 A-law is enabled. Remember to tick other codecs you want to be enabled.

Additional Notes

  • Codecs priority can be adjusted in Setup -> Settings -> Default Device (this configuration will be applied to all new devices)
  • Codecs priority can be adjusted for a single device also: just navigate to a required device edit and change the priority. You can find all Devices in Users -> Devices (hint: you can use search from this menu). Also you can navigate to required device by user - go to users list and select the Device icon, then select the required device for that user.
  • In MOR 8 and older versions you can only enable/disable codecs. You can't prioritize codecs in older versions.

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