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ASR - Answer-Seizure Ratio

The Answer-Seizure Ratio (ASR) is a percentage part of successfully answered Calls from all Calls attempts (successfully answered Calls divided by the total number of Calls attempted and multiplied by 100). The total number of calls attempted, which are known as "seizures". Since busy signals and other rejections by the called number count as call failures, the calculated ASR value can vary depending on user behavior. (

60-70% is considered a very good ASR in the VoIP world.

ACD – Average Call Duration

The Average Call Duration (ACD) is calculated by taking the sum of billable seconds (billsec) of answered calls and dividing it by the number of these answered calls.

Where to find ACD and ASR in Admin, Reseller and User panels?

in Admin system you can find ACD and ASR in Statistics--> Calls --> Aggregate. Aggregate statistics provide brief information about terminators and originators ASR, ACD.

Simple reseller is not able to view Aggregate statistics. Reseller PRO must have Providers assigned to Terminators. In reseller PRO system you can find ACD and ASR in Main menu --> Calls --> Aggregate

Simple user cannot check his calls detail per destination, but he can check various specialities of his calls and average call duration in Personal menu --> Calls --> Graphs. Although ACR and ASR of the calls are not written directly, we can see this information from other parameters like Failed Calls and All Calls parameters.

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