316 Freeswitch did not find termination point details

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Hangupcause Code - 316. Freeswitch did not find termination point details

This error happens when FreeSwitch is asked to dial the specific termination point, but FreeSwitch doesn't have any details about this termination point.

How to solve this problem. First steps:

cd /usr/src/m2/scripts/
svn update /usr/src/m2/scripts/m2_freeswitch_devices.c
gcc -g -Wall -o m2_freeswitch_devices m2_freeswitch_devices.c -lcurl -lmysqlclient -lnsl -lm -lz -L/usr/lib/mysql -L/usr/lib64/mysql
cp -f m2_freeswitch_devices /usr/local/m2/

If it does not help:

  • Check if /tmp/m2 directory has 777 permissions
  • Check if /var/log/m2/m2_freeswitch_devices.log is updated when termination point is created or updated via GUI
  • Check if /var/log/m2/m2_freeswitch_devices.log show any errors. If everything is OK, then the log should end with "Job complete. TP: X, GW: Y configured.". If this line is not present, then something is wrong.
  • Even if log does not show errors, manually execute /usr/local/m2/m2_freeswitch_devices and check if it crashes.

Report this issue to developers

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