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Whenever there are Rate updates or changes in the Tariff some sort of communication must be made with Users that are using those Rates. Rate Notifications functionality eases manual tasks by allowing users to quickly and automatically create Jobs that inform Users about upcoming (depending on effective from the value in the future) Rate prices and also await their confirmation whether they agree or disagree with them.

Workflow schema

The workflow can be visualized using the following schema:


Rate Notifications Templates


The data is generated into an XLSX file. The system contains a Default template, which is assigned for all users.


It is possible to create a custom template file and use it for customers by clicking ADD NEW TEMPLATE and filling cells by your needs or uploading an XLSX Template file.

  • Note: If a row has a value, the column near it cannot be blank.


It is also possible to assign Rate Notification Template for a User in his settings.


Rate Notifications

Rate Notifications is the primary page of the functionality, it displays unique Tariff - User associations to whom Notification can be sent.
This page can be found in Menu -> BILLING -> Tariffs -> Rate Notifications


Associated Tariff - User objects are shown only when the following conditions are met:

  • Tariff is Sell type;
  • User's Connection Point is assigned Sell Tariff in Origination Point settings;
  • Tariff was modified and does not have any Rate Notification Job created for specific Tariff - User;
  • Tariff was modified and specific Tariff - User Rate Notification was created prior to Tariff modifications.

Creating Rate Notification

In order to create new Rate Notification Jobs, check wanted Tariff - User associations and press Set.
All required Notifications can be selected by clicking header checkbox.


After selection, another page will be loaded with options for these specific Notifications.
"Selected Tariffs - Users" displays marked associations to whom Notifications will be sent. "Options" has several settings:

  • Template - Rate Notification Template.
  • Email Template: which Template will be used for email. Default "tariff_rate_notification" template is already present in the system and can be modified to fit specific needs.
  • Rate Notification Type:
    • Delta Only: future Rates only.
    • Full: all future and currently active Rates.
  • Agreement Timeout in days: timeout after which Notification will be automatically marked as disagreed (ignored) if the User did not respond. A Timeout adds specified days value to Notification created time.
  • Filename - Name of the notification file.
  • Send Email:
    • Every day: send an email every day until either Agreement link is pressed or Agreement Timeout is reached
    • Once: send email only one time.


After pressing the Create button, Jobs will be created and the Rate Notification Jobs page will be loaded.


Rate Notification Jobs

Rate Notification Jobs is the page where the system will automatically gather required Rates data, send emails and awaits for Users' response.
This page can be found in Menu -> BILLING -> Tariffs -> Rate Notifications -> Jobs

Jobs have the following states:
After Rate Notification is created a new Job appears as assigned.


Date Generated
System checks for all newly assigned Jobs and generates required data in XLSX format, which can be downloaded from the list. The same exact file will be attached to the email.
Rates will be converted using the default currency. To prevent conversion, setting - "Use Tariff currency in the CSV export" must be enabled.
This setting can be found in Maintenance -> Settings -> Various -> Use Tariff currency in CSV export.


Email Sent
All Jobs that have successfully generated data will send emails to Users with unique agree and disagree links which can be clicked on only once and within specified timeout.
Email will not be sent if there were no changes in rates!


Depending on User actions, Job can be either agreed, disagreed, or ignored. The list will display specific responses and time it was responded on. Also an additional email will be sent to Admin informing Rate Notification Job response status.



Type: Full, Rate Notification Agreed

User have tariff with some rates:


Admin uploads new rates with some changes on prices and Effective from date in future:


In Billing > Tariffs > Rate Notifications, Admin now can see new entry. Admin selects new entry and clicks “SET”:


Then Admin selects “Full” to display old rates and new rates and click “Create”:


New Rate Notification is created:


User gets email with two links:


and file with rates comparison:


After checking new rates, User clicks on first link in email to agree with new rates:


Now, Admin gets email about new rates being confirmed:


And also sees update status in Rate Notifications Jobs list:


Type: Delta Only, Rate Notification Disagreed

User has tariff with some rates


In Billing > Tariffs > Rate Notifications, Admin can see a rate notification list of his users. Admin selects needed user and clicks “SET”:


Then Admin selects “Delta” to display only new rates and press “Create”:


Tariff Rate Notification Job(s) successfully created.


Then Admin uploads new rates with some changes on prices and Effective from date in future.

After this, the user gets an email with two links with rates to comparison:

Dear Partner,
Please review attached Tariff‘s Rate changes.
To confirm upcoming rate changes, please click the link below:
If You do not agree with the changes, please click the link below:
Thank you for cooperation.


For example, the User disagrees and presses the second link. He can see the notification that Tariff Rate changes successfully disagreed.

After that Admin will receive an email that the client disagreed and will see the same status in Tariff Job.

Tariff Rate Notification ID: 2 was disagreed by the client.


When the User disagrees with the provided rates or ignores them, the system creates a Custom Tariff from the tariff assigned to Origination Point.

Custom Tariff includes increased rates, but these rates are blocked and calls will not pass over these destinations.

This Custom Tariff is assigned to Origination Point.


1. If Origination Point already has Custom Tariff assigned, Custom Tariff from Rate Notification will be applied.

2. If Origination Point has assigned Conditional Tariff and User disagrees with the provided rates or ignores them, Custom Tariff is created, but is not assigned to Origination Point.