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The report shows Hangup Cause Graphs by Cause Codes and Answered/Failed calls by date due to provided search options.


Go to Reports -> Hangup Cause:

M2 Hangup Cause Menu.png

You can Refine the search results by providing an intended time period, a User and their Devices and a Destination Group.
NOTE: If there is no User or Destination Group set, the search result shows Hangup Cause statistics for ALL the Users and the Destination Groups.

M2 hgc1.png


  • The pie chart shows a number of Calls by Hangup Cause Code.
  • The column chart shows Answered and Failed Calls by date.

NOTE: Below the charts is the Cause codes table, which shows detailed information for every Hangup Cause Code.

M2 hgc2.png M2 hgc3.png

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