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What is it?

M2 is Class 4 softswitch dedicated to manage VoIP wholesale business (traffic aggregation, exchange and transit, call termination, etc.).

M2 Switch Manual

Differences from MOR

Below you can see the most important differences between M2 and MOR:

  • M2 Switch is designed for wholesales business (Class 4 switch), MOR - for retail (SIP Trunking, Calling Cards, Call Back, Call Shop, Resellers, etc) and is not optimized for wholesale.
  • M2 Switch uses FreeSwitch as SIP engine which allows to have twice bigger performance comparing with MOR which is based on Asterisk.
  • M2 Switch logical structure allows to manage wholesale business very easy. Accomplishing the same tasks with MOR is more complicated and you need to dedicate much more time.

Why should I use it?

M2 Switch gives never-seen-before flexibility when managing traffic transit.

Logical Structure

M2 logical structure simple.png

More detailed structure:

"M2 Logical Structure"

Changes from MOR:

  • Origination Point = Device
  • Termination Point = Provider
  • Routing Group = LCR
  • Dial Peer ~= kind of LCR by Destinations

How can I test it?

Please follow this link


Q. What is the price?
A. Please contact our sales department: b2bsales@kolmisoft.com

Q. Can I test it?
A. Sure, more details here

Q. Can it be upgraded from MOR?
A. No (because of completely different architecture)

Q. Which protocols are supported?
A. SIP (H323/IAX2 are available with special gateways for protocol conversion).

Q. How many simultaneous calls can it handle? What about CPS?
A. On 1 server: up to 1500 with media without transcoding, 8000+ calls without media. ~90 CPS

Q. Does it support Radius?
A. Yes

Q. Is it based on Asterisk?
A. No, Freeswitch

Q. Will it support Multi-Level Resellers?
A. Currently no.

Q. Can it work with SIP Proxy?
A. Yes.

Q. Can several servers work together?
A. Yes.

Q. Can several servers be connected to the same DB/GUI?
A. Yes.

Q. Will it support SIP Registering, DIDs/Ring Groups/Auto Dialer/Online Registrations/Subscriptions/Payment Gateways?
A. No. MOR Class 5 supports all these functions.

Q. Where is the Manual?
A. Here: M2 Switch Manual