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[edit] Description

Voice broadcasting is a service which allows you to instantly send phone calls with some prerecorded message to an array of numbers automatically.

Usually it is used to send alerts, notifications, reminders, political campaign calls, interactive polls or surveys.

[edit] What is necessary to implement this


It is a full solution, hosted on Kolmisoft servers so you do not need any additional equipment on your premises.


[edit] What services you can offer

[edit] Target group

First of all you need to define your target group. Basically it can be anyone who would like to reach their clients, but to be more specific from our experience voice broadacting is mostly used for:

  • Political campaigns
  • Reminders (appointment, payment, etc)
  • Attracting more leads
  • Delivering information for big list of recipients quickly

How to find clients?

Here is one way:

  • Enter to Google Calendar of Elections
  • Contact political parties, marketing agencies and call centers from those countries few months before the election

All of them are your potential clients.

To see if they might be interested in your services, ask the following questions:

  • Does your company want more leads?
  • Would you like to have a way to be connected with thousands of potential clients without overextending your budget?
  • Would you like potential clients to call you instead of cold calling?

[edit] Services

If they answer to all above questions “YES”, please read below to understand how you can help them.

Your goal is to create a connection between your clients and their target audience using the following ways:

  • Voice broadcasting. Allows you to broadcasts telephone messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients (members, subscribers, employees, or customers) at once. It also enables you to manage a database of phone lists as well as digitally-recorded phone messages.
  • Interactive voice broadcasting. Allows the call recipient to listen to the recorded message and interact with the system by pressing keys on the phone keypad. It enables your target clients to be connected to the sales representative to make an order or to receive more information regarding played message.

[edit] How it works

  1. Creating a message. First create a powerfully persuasive recorded phone message.
  2. Recording a message. Record it using professional voice narrators.
  3. Creating a phone list. Furnish a phone list to dial to according to the description of your potential client.
  4. Launching a campaign. Deliver the campaign at agreed time (you can set it in advance).
  5. Report about a campaign. Provide a detailed report about launched campaign so your clients could know exactly how many, and how fast leads are coming to them, so they are not overwhelmed with too many at once.

More detailed logic is explained here.

[edit] Financial figures

[edit] Investment

Investment to this business consists from the following parts:

  • Hardware (server, gateways)
  • Software (MOR softswitch with billing & routing)
  • VoIP traffic
  • Voice Narration
  • Staff
  • Marketing and other expenses

As in other business models, we strongly recommend using Hosted solution.

In this case the investment starts with 454 EUR/month (608 USD/month).

Here you can check the newest pricing.

It depends on the plan you choose and additional services you take together with it. To be more specific:

  • Here you can find Hosted solution plans and how they differ from each other. Auto Dialer option is available only in Hosted Gold plan.
  • Here you can check available addons in MOR which expand the functionality. The most important is Auto Dialer addon.
  • Here you can check available support plans. It is even possible that we do all the configurations for you so you could concentrate on your business.

We have covered the necessary infrastructure (Hardware + Software), now let's talk about additional things you require: VoIP Traffic and Voice Narration.

We do not provide this and can only recommend:

Please address all your questions related with Voice narration and Termination for those providers for whom you send the inquiries.

The last thing - marketing and sales expenses. As this is not our specialization, we leave this to calculate yourself based on your market.

[edit] Profit

First you need to form the pricing based on your target audience's requirements.

We recommend asking the following questions before providing a quote:

  • What is your target of this campaign?
  • What message would you like to deliver?
  • Do you have a recorded message?
  • Do you have a list of users for whom you would like to play it?

In this case you will be able to propose the most affordable way to achieve your client's target.

Usually companies charge per minute (like in regular VoIP business) or flat rate based on some criteria.

We would also recommend offering a completely white-label solution for your clients so they could create and provide their own campaigns.

You can achieve this using Reseller addon. Furthermore you can provide them more advanced service by giving a partition.

We will update this section later on with real examples.

[edit] Webinar

Here you can download the Webinar about voice broadcasting.

[edit] Contact us

If we have missed some information or you would like to see how you can use MOR for voice broadcasting business, free to contact us at

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