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[edit] Recommended termination providers

We can recommend only those companies who uses MOR and paid for Kolmisoft services in time without any problems.

Below you can find a list of such references (to add credibility we can introduce you to them personally).

Company name Website Country Contact person Email
Active Network S.p.A. http://www.activenetwork.it Italy Luciano Favilla internationalsales@activenetwork.it
IP Anywhere, S.L. http://www.worldsatnet.com Spain Jose Luis Garcia jlgarcia@worldsatnet.com

[edit] Additional termination providers

Company name Website Country Contact person Email
FI Infocons Group S.A http://www.netswisstelecom.com Switzerland Luciano Volgo info@netswisstelecom.com
Microsystem-Kecskemet Ltd http://www.ms.hu Hungary Imre Varasdy info@mstel.hu
Oldwell Enterprises Ltd http://oldwell-tele.com/ Russia Konstantin Shcheglov k.shcheglov@oldwell-tele.com
Ideacomm S.r.l. http://www.ideacomm.eu Italy Gian Piero Cutellé g.cutelle@ideacomm.eu
Aloha Telecommunications Ltd http://wholesale.alohatelecom.co.uk UK Nathaniel McInnes accounts.wholesale@alohatelecom.co.uk
MySipProvider http://www.mysipprovider.com Italy Masud Karim info@mysipprovider.com
UAB “Ecofon” http://www.ecofon.lt Lithuania Leonidas info@ecofon.lt
Convector Teletechnologies http://www.convector.com.mx Mexico Gabriel Kauachi gabriel@convector.com.mx
Aria Telekom Ltd. http://www.ariatelekom.com Turkey Irfan Basoglu info@ariatelekom.com
Internet Infinity https://www.voicemeup.com Canada / USA David sales@voicemeup.com
Conexiant Telecom http://www.Conexiant.net USA Gregory Giagnocavo jgg@conexiant.net
Voice Trader LLC http://www.voicebuy.com USA Armen arm@voicetrader.us
DID Logic https://didlogic.com/business USA Jason Cheung jason.c@didlogic.com
Net2Phone Inc. http://www.net2phonewholesale.com USA Moses Gayflor moses.gayflor@idt.net
Chase Empire LLC http://www.chase-empire.com USA Ahsan Iqbal administrator@chase-empire.com
Voxbeam Telecommunications Inc. http://www.voxbeam.com USA Paul Cusack pcusack@voxbeam.com
Lucent Telecommunications,LLC http://www.lucenttel.com USA Mohamed Essa messa@lucenttel.com
VoipElectroWorld http://www.voipelectroworld.com USA Jason Carter jason.carter@voipelectroworld.com
VoIP Innovations http://www.voipinnovations.com USA Corey Potts corey@voipinnovations.com
RouteTrader Ltd. http://www2.routetrader.com/ UK Andrew Jacobs andrew.jacobs@routetrader.com
Synapse Telecom SARL http://www.synapse-telecom.com France Jean-Michel Hiver daf@synapse-telecom.com
Planet VoIP International (Switzerland) SA https://www.planetvoip.com Switzerland Thomas Lafaille Thomas.Lafaille@planetvoip.com
LIGA Telecom, Inc. http://www.ligatelecom.com USA Sales Team ales@ligatelecom.com
IXC Llc. http://www.ixc.us USA Arkady Sorokin sales@ixc.us

[edit] Links to more providers

Also here you can find more available termination:

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