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[edit] Description

This function makes it possible to ban unwanted CallerIDs.

Only Administrator can ban CLIs.

[edit] Usage

Go to SETTINGS –> Users –> Devices –> CLIs


Here you can click on red cross Image:icon_cross.png and ban the CLI, or click on green check icon Image:icon_check.png to reverse action.


When no IVR is selected, the call ends with the CONGESTION tone.

When an IVR is selected, it is played for the user who tries to dial.

As example IVR might say: "Sorry, but your account is blocked because..."

[edit] Blocking CallerID because of simultaneous calls

To set this functionality go to main devices edit window and in Advanced block choose Yes in Block callerid if (number) simultaneous calls come from it:. Add a number of simultaneous caller IDs. Default value is 2:


This scheme shows how this functionality works:


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