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[edit] Description

CLI or CallerID is a number from which a user can dial MOR. From MOR x10 user also can dial MOR by providing domain. These values are used when the user is dialing into MOR through Trunk/Provider with ANI (Automatic Number Identification).

It is important to understand that CLI or domain is not the CallerID that is put on a call that goes out of the system.

CLI or domain is the CallerID for a call that is COMING INTO the system.

It is mainly used to AUTHENTICATE the caller. If only CLI is set, then MOR will authenticate calls just by CLI. If only domain is set, then MOR will authenticate calls only by domain. If both CLI and domain are set, then MOR will authenticate calls either by CLI OR by domain.

IMPORTANT! CLIs should be in E.164 format!

[edit] Usage

You can reach the main CLI window in Devices list by clicking Image:icon_clis.png icon or by going straight to SETTINGS –> Users –> Devices –> CLIs page.


Here you are able to see all CLIs of system.


NOTE that if you will come from Devices list, CLIs page will show specific Device CLIs (you can see that in search box)

Click Image:icon_add.pngAdd new CLI to create new CLI or click on image:icon_edit.png icon to change settings of existing CLI.

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