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[edit] What does MOR stands for?

At first it was MCC - Modified Calling Card (Application).

MOR stands for MCC on Rails (upgraded version).

[edit] What language is MOR written in?

  • GUI - Ruby On Rails
  • Asterisk Application (Core) - C
  • It uses MySQL for data storage

[edit] What Linux distribution is best for MOR?

MOR installs ONLY on Centos 5.x systems.

[edit] How does MOR compares to A2Billing?

[edit] Main advantages

1. MOR uses native Asterisk application written in C, A2Billing uses PHP AGI. That's why MOR performance is much higher then A2Billing. Simply put - MOR runs faster.

2. Compare interfaces and usage. MOR has nice clean human-friendly interface. Documentation for MOR is much more user friendly and complete.

3. Complicated inner logic in A2Billing. Software is not enterprise client oriented. More for calling cards.

[edit] User's notes

  • Tried to use asterisk2billing, comparing with your product, asterisk2billing rich of feature but hard to be understood.That's my reason using MOR as another solution. (Dedi,, Indonesia)
  • [01:51:55] gregoruspl says: I tried a2billing but it's very slow, no voicemail and fax2mail
  • MOR is user-friendly, fast, stable. Simply - it just works. (vip-call, Greece)
  • [5:33:57 PM] SynapseGlobal: as you may know, a2billing is a fine product, but not really commercial quality for a serious business

[edit] From one email

As much as I would love to win your project I really could not recommend using A2Billing in a Carrier Grade deployment at the moment for the following reasons:

1. With A2Billing you have to create one customer rate table for each provider which I find annoying. The standard should be that you create your providers rate tables separate to the rate table for your customers. That way you can create you LCR much easier. So A2Billing doesn't have true LCR.

2. A2Billing allows you to delete customers even if they have CDRs and this is not good because it screws your billing in the long run.

3. Too much hacking to get desired results.

3. The reporting features are limited.

If you want to provide A2billing in a hosted environment for small startups who only use one or two providers on a VPS then A2Billing would work fine for that. I provide A2Billing on VPSes for some customers and it works fine. So I'll be happy to provide any consulting services you need for this or Elastix as per my proposal.

[edit] How open is MOR?

  • E.g. would we be able to modify the signup module to include credit card collection module on our own?
    • MOR GUI and DB are completely open. You can modify them freely. You can create any extensions for GUI you like. is closed. It is application part which runs in Asterisk.

[edit] Will MySQL users/passwords be available to us?


[edit] Is it possible to build the system in our testing environment before implementing it in production without purchasing an extra license?

YES. Later it can be moved to other server with same license (no need to purchase additional one). We take some fee for this moving but you can reinstall system yourself - we provide installation files.

[edit] Is sending faxes also possible, and which fax server do you include (Hylafax or other)?

T38 SIP-SIP passthrough is supported. Hylafax support is not implemented.

[edit] Does the system generate invoices automatically, and does it send them via email?


[edit] Is it possible to have taxes in the Canadian format (GST/PST) instead of VAT?


[edit] Is MOR certified billing system? If yes - which certificates does it have?

YES, it is certified in Kazachstan, the certificate can viewed here

[edit] Technical FAQ

[edit] Payment gateways (PayPal and others)

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