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Information provided by Kolmisoft partner G8 NETWORKS LTDA, Director Rogério Fernandes de Sousa:

At least an SCM licence from ANATEL is necessary.

Follow below an small explanation:


The ANATEL (Telecom regulator in Brazil), as well as most regulatory agencies worldwide, seeks to regulate telecommunications services and not the technologies used to implement them. The VoIP serve as a means and not an end to the telephone service. There is still no specific regulations for VoIP in Brazil.

However, due to the new paradigm VoIP services have been offered in the telecommunications market divided into four classes:

  • Class 1: supply of a computer program that enables VoIP communication between 2 (two) or more computers (PC to PC), without a license for the service.
  • Class 2: use of VoIP communication in corporate internal network or even within the network of a provider of telecommunications services, provided it is transparent to the user. In this case, the VoIP service provider should have at least the SCM license.
  • Class 3: unrestricted use of VoIP communication, with numbers supplied by the Regulatory Agency and interconnection with the Public Switched Telephone Network (Fixed and Mobile). In this case the VoIP service provider must have at least the license STFC.
  • Class 4: only use VoIP to make calls, national or international. In this case the need for a license depends on how the service is characterized, and where (Brazil or abroad) and which carrier is made to interconnect with the public telephone network.


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