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[edit] Newest version

Always use newest version. Whole our team is constantly working to improving MOR quality and speed!

[edit] GUI/DB servers

Move GUI/DB to different server.

Check Implementations

[edit] Faster Hardware

  • Faster CPU will help.
  • SSD HDD will help a lot. Especially for Database server.

[edit] Codecs

If it is possible - do not use G729, G723 codecs. They require a lot of CPU power for transcoding.

Change them to G711 (alaw/ulaw). Server will be able to handle up to 3 times more calls compared G711 vs G729.

Also possible to offload G729 transcoding to special card.

[edit] Asterisk Log files

First of all it is crucial to turn off all log files.

In /etc/asterisk/logger.conf do:

;debug => debug
console => warning,error
;messages => notice, warning, error
;full => notice, warning, error, debug, dtmf

Reload config for changes to take effect:

asterisk -vvvvrx 'logger reload'

Another alternative is to log data to separate HDD/server.

[edit] CDR to CSV logging

Turn off CDR to CSV logging.

In /etc/asterisk/cdr.conf comment out all [csv] section:

;usegmtime=yes    ; log date/time in GMT.  Default is "no"
;loguniqueid=yes  ; log uniqueid.  Default is "no
;loguserfield=yes ; log user field.  Default is "no

And reload Asterisk for changes to take effect:

asterisk -vvvvrx 'reload'
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