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[edit] MOR is translated into the following languages

  • English (Kolmisoft)
  • Lithuanian (Kolmisoft)
  • Spanish (Guillermo Salas M.(RazaMetaL)/Cesar Bermudez)
  • Dutch (Pascal de Vos/Kay Reijnen)
  • Italian (Giovanni Bosa)
  • Albanian (Sokol Shehetila)
  • Russian (ViPCall Network)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (Fernando Soares)
  • Estonian (Liivar Paas)
  • Bulgarian (
  • Swedish (VoIP Consult)
  • German (Martin Melheritz)
  • Armenian (Voipshop)
  • French (S├ębastien Keller)
  • Polish (John)
  • Romanian (Andrei Ivanoiu)
  • Turkish (Koko Kokov)
  • Indonesian (Dedi Setiawan/
  • Hungarian (John)
  • Slovenian (Tom)
  • Greek (Konstantinos Liadakis)
  • Serbian (Alessandro Marzini and Ivex)
  • Arabic (Amr Elgbaly)
  • Macedonian (Ivo Trajkovski)
  • Belarussian (Zhukov Oleg & Ko)
  • Chinese (Steven Wang)
  • Urdu (Andrew T. Wells)
  • Ukrainian (

[edit] If you want to translate MOR into another language, it's very easy

  1. Download the MOR package or even better request the newest translation files from This email address is protected from spam bots - you need Javascript enabled to view it.
  2. Find /lang directory (if MOR is installed, it's in /home/mor/lang). NOTE! From MOR X5 language files moved to /home/mor/config/locales.
  3. Make a copy of a en.rb file and name it accordingly. For example, if you are translating to Russian, name the file ru.rb (if you know another already translated language, select the appropriate file).
  4. Open that file in editor.
  5. Translate according to following rule:
  6. Let's say we have the line:
  7. 'answered_calls', 'Answered calls'.
  8. So you need to translate only 'Answered calls'.
  9. Let's say we are translating to Norwegian, so the final line would be:
  10. 'answered_calls', 'Besvarte Anrop'.
  11. Translate all remaining lines.
  12. Make file UTF-8 Standard.
  13. Please send it to This email address is protected from spam bots - you need Javascript enabled to view it.

In order to test your new translated file, you need to take the following steps:

  • Make sure your new translated file is in /home/mor/config/locales directory (for MOR X4 and older: /home/mor/lang).
  • Restart Apache (/etc/init.d/httpd restart) and you should be able to test your translated file: go to SETTINGS -> Setup -> Settings -> Translations to find it).

Thank you for your contributions!

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