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[edit] NOTE: Available from MOR X5

[edit] Description

MOR API Delete Service

[edit] Usage

  • From MOR X5 Call: /api/service_delete
  • Methods: POST, GET(if allowed, not recomended)

[edit] Parametres

  • service_id - Service ID, which we want to delete. Required.
  • u - username for authentication. Required.
  • hash - SHA1 hash constructed using params and API_Secret_Key ( More described in Constructing hash). Required.

[edit] Request

We have Service ID = 10, API Secret Key = 123456

We send:

HTML POST: http://<SERVER_IP>/billing/api/service_delete?u=admin&service_id=10&hash=47e5699c634fee224337b08f292b7301ef3894c6

NOTE that username is not included in hash


   <success>Service was successfully deleted</success>


  • <error>User was not found</error> - User was not found using specified username. Use correct username.
  • <error>Service was not found</error> - Service was not found using specified ID. Use correct ID.
  • <error>You are not authorized to manage Services</error> - Such username does not exist in the database or User does not have rights to manage Services.
  • <error>Cannot delete - some subscriptions to this service exist</error> - Service can not be deleted because it has some Subscriptions.
  • <error>Incorrect hash</error> - Hash was not correct. Check API_Secret_Key and order or params while concatenating hash_string.

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