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[edit] 1.0.220

  • Active Calls Graph page tune
  • Added Server Load Stats autorefresh

[edit] 1.0.219

  • Small tunes and bugfixes

[edit] 1.0.218

  • Email Edit rework
  • Address in the Invoice rework to eliminated unnecessary gaps

[edit] 1.0.217

  • Added Payment Terms (Grace Period) to the Invoices
  • Improved Routing Groups, Connection Point, Dial Peer - Termination Points pages usability
  • Email List page rework

[edit] 1.0.216

  • New functionality which allows dynamic Connection Points which authenticates based on Username and Password
  • Various usability improvements to Invoices
  • Browser tab no more shows M2SWITCH for better usability
  • Tariffs/Edit & Rate Check usability improvements
  • System Stats rework
  • Now possible to add Payment Terms/Grace Period into Invoice Template

[edit] 1.0.215

  • Better subnet validation in the Connection Point settings
  • Tariff selection usability improvements in Connection Point settings
  • Added additional setting to show time in Invoices in minutes with decimals (format xx.yy, eg 2min 6s, would be 2.1 min)
  • Option to group calls by Destination and option to show rates in invoices
  • Usability changes in User/Edit, Settings/Visual&Invoices&Archived Calls, Routing Group/Edit, Number Pools/New, Tariff/Edit windows
  • Notification improvements (design changes, no message on login, etc)

[edit] 1.0.214

  • Small tunes and bugfixes

[edit] 1.0.213

  • Period selection rework in Customer Invoices
  • Tunes to the Login Window for better usability
  • Connections Points Edit window changes for better usability and visual aesthetics
  • Active Calls Graph page design improvement
  • More information in the Routing Groups - Assigned Dial Peers page
  • Usability changes to Routing Group Edit window

[edit] 1.0.212

  • New column in Active Calls per Server to show Total Active Calls for each Server
  • Improvements to date picker in the Server Load Stats

[edit] 1.0.211

  • Small tunes and bugfixes

[edit] 1.0.210

  • Option to allow to export Tariffs in their Currency

[edit] 1.0.209

  • Security measure to ask for re-login any time IP address changes
  • Added ability to hide/show Duration column on Last Call page
  • Added Edit icons in Termination Point edit window for faster navigation
  • Added option to select predetermined periods in the Invoices page for faster data-retrieval

[edit] 1.0.208

  • Small tunes and bugfixes

[edit] 1.0.207

  • Preconfigured Templates for Aggregates
  • Tunes to Aggregates for better usability

[edit] 1.0.206

  • Tariff Conversion functionality

[edit] 1.0.205

  • Change to the notification system to do not monitor non-active servers

[edit] 1.0.204

  • Added functionality to send automatic emails for Aggregate Reports based on Templates - receive any report from Aggregates page to your email on selected time!

[edit] 1.0.203

[edit] 1.0.202

  • Added new function to "Delete not-Archived not-Answered Calls older than" to keep CDR DB clean
  • Added new column 'Duration' to the Call List for admin, near the 'Billsec'
  • Now possible to send Archived Calls and Backups to external FTP server

[edit] 1.0.201

  • Added an option to import Custom Tariffs
  • Added possibility to stop/start refresh of Active Calls page
  • When IP can't be blocked - exact reason is presented to the user
  • Added 'Delete Selected' button/functionality to the Invoices
  • Enhanced functionality to change Tariff based on CallerID (or PAI) to easier comply with EU Roaming Regulations. Small guide here

[edit] 1.0.200

  • Reintroduced Unassigned Destinations functionality which allows assign them automatically (first iteration, experimental functionality, use with caution!)
  • Rates List page rework for better readability also shows Total Rates in the Tariff now
  • Tariff List speedup by removing unecessary Rate count
  • Changed the code logic to allow backups to the Cloud even when low on HDD space
  • Added additional date navigation elements to Server Load Stats page for faster date scrolling
  • Rates List page layout rework for better readability
  • Rates List page code rework which increased loading speed many times (in some extreme cases from 4min to 2s!)
  • Connection Point Edit page rework which grouped OP and TP settings separatelly for easier readability

[edit] 1.0.199

  • Terminator Active Calls and Servers List windows restructured for better readability
  • Added option to Unassign all Connection Points from some Server in Server's Edit window
  • Improved logic when changing server type to cover more cases
  • Added Avg/Max values to the Active Calls Graph window
  • Active Calls per Server now shows graphs if there are more than one Core server
  • PAI Number now can be saved to CDR and visible in Call Info and CDR Export
  • Added search filter by Duration into Aggregates and Last Calls windows

[edit] 1.0.198

  • New page: Active Calls -> Per Server, easy to monitor how many calls are going per server on the multi-server systems
  • Blocked Rates functionality implemented
  • In Archived Calls we increased max possible value to 3650 days (10 years) for the fields "Archive Calls older than" and "Delete Archived Calls older than"
  • In the Call List added link on the Provider's Name and adjusted table columns for convenience
  • More informative Server Load Stats - clearly shows which server we are monitoring and also adjusts some of the graphs for better readability
  • In page Blocked IPs added option to block IP on all the servers at once - useful on multi-server systems
  • Core now shows exact Global Call Limit
  • Default Device has settings 'Ingerit leg B codecs' and 'Enforce same codecs as on leg A' set to YES to avoid transcoding

[edit] 1.0.197

  • Reports -> Active Calls in search filter 'User' renamed to 'Origination User' and 'Termination Points User' renamed to 'Termination User' to avoid misunderstandings
  • Reports -> Active Calls in search added option to filter by Server
  • Reports -> Hangup Cause 'Client' renamed to 'User', 'Devices' renamed to 'Connection Points' and added sorting on the table
  • Reports menu reordered for better organization
  • Reports -> Blocked IPs page loading speed increased many times
  • Reports -> Load Stats search has detailed Server search with ID/IP/Name details, 'Devices' renamed to 'Connection Points' and added additional explanatory tooltip
  • Major reordering to Settings page to better organize various settings to appropriate panels/groups
  • In all related pages Search buttons CLEAR and REFINE now has protection against repeated activation. This allows not to create similar DB queries - e.g. avoids performance issues with overloaded DB
  • When adding new Freeswitch server new option available - 'Assign to all Connection Points' for faster configuration (option is not present in systems with proxy server)
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