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First we need to know the IP address of the phone.

On the phone, press the Menu button:


Then press 9 and you should see:

2 Current IP 

This is just an example IP address! Yours will be different! Remember it or write it down.

Then open your internet browser on the computer which is connected to the same network as your SPA942 and in the address line, type:

ATTENTION! Change to your IP address that you found earlier!

SPA942 Configuration should open.

Click on Admin Login and then on Advanced:


Click on SIP and find the RTP Parameters section. Change the RTP Packet Size value to 0.020:


Click on Regional, find the Miscellaneous section and change Time Zone to the appropriate one:


OPTIONAL: If you experience low audio or your callee can't hear you properly, click on Phone and in the Audio Input Gain(dB) section, change fields values to 6:


Click on Ext 1 and do the following:

  • In the General section, make sure the Line Enable field is Yes.
  • Under NAT Settings, the NAT Keep Alive Enable field should be Yes.
  • Proxy and Registration
    • Proxy - the value which provider gave you (an IP).
    • Register - Yes.
  • Subscriber Information
    • Display Name - value you got from your provider (username or login).
    • User ID - value you got from your provider (username or login) - same as Display Name.
    • Password - value you got from your provider (password or secret).


Finally, click on Submit All Changes:


[edit] Forward on second line

Call forward on second line is not working. Only 1st line:

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Try M2