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[edit] What is Illegal MOR license?

Be aware that there are people/companies in the market that are selling Illegal (Cracked) MOR licenses. Buying Illegal MOR might cause a lot of problems for your business and finances.

[edit] How can I know that I am buying a legal MOR license?

Only Kolmisoft and Official Kolmisoft Partners have right to sell MOR legally.

Here you can find a list of Partners who have right to sell MOR:

IMPORTANT! Please always contact Kolmisoft to make sure they have right to sell MOR.

[edit] What problems I may have with Illegal MOR license?

If you have purchased/got Illegal (Cracked) MOR license, then:

  • You have no right to get support services from Kolmisoft
  • You have no right to upgrades to next software releases
  • You have no right to get refund from Kolmisoft for money you have lost


  • You can lose your money and don't get a service
  • You can lose your clients because you will not get or will get unprofessional support
  • You can gain bad reputation among your clients because of the above reasons
  • Features of Illegal (Cracked) MOR might not work
  • You may suffer from often asterisk crashes (feedback from cracked MOR user below):

the problem we already paid him, now I am suffering from asterisk crashing every 3 days

[edit] Be aware of the persons selling illegal MOR license

Company name Website Country Contact person Skype Email Comment
iSaleTel (iGhost tel)., - - - -
Bryan Sanjuan (24x7Communication) - - - - -
Voip Tech Solution France Ersouge Lanvol (fake name) ersougelanvol, -
- Senegal/Italy Fabio, -
- - - David live:davidliujr_2 - -

[edit] Can I resell my MOR license?

Selling of MOR license can be done only by Kolmisoft and Official Kolmisoft Partners.

Kolmisoft does not provide upgrade and support services for those licenses that were purchased not from Kolmisoft company.

Clients that buy license from Official Kolmisoft Partners should contact them directly regarding upgrade and support services.

[edit] Can I transfer my MOR license?

You can transfer a license to another company. Procedure is the following:

  • Send us a written confirmation that you want to transfer a license to another company (singed and stamped by company owner)
  • Send us a contact details of a person that the license will be transferred to, so we could inform him about conditions to get support/upgrade from Kolmisoft
  • After his written confirmation that he understands conditions, we’ll create a ticket to transfer a license
  • We’ll close your account

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