High availability (Heartbeat clustering)

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Welcome High availability (Heartbeat clustering) page!


[edit] What is High availability?

High availability is a system design protocol and associated implementation that ensures a certain absolute degree of operational continuity during a given measurement period. Lets say you have two servers 'A' and 'B' with MOR installed, MySQL is running replication between them. By default all trafic comming to server 'A' is monitored by server 'B', so when server 'A' fails, server 'B' stands in its position by given time. So allmost no data is lost, and your users will be happy with your services.

[edit] What is Heartbeat?

Heartbeat is software which implements these monitoring and availability features for your servers. It must be carrefully installed, configured and tested on both servers to ensure correct producing of services.

[edit] Configuration

Heartbeat configuration

When using Heartbeat these files should be mofified and some values in them should be changed based on IP address (it should be virtual, not assigned to machine IP address).

/etc/asterisk/sip.conf - bindaddr , externip /etc/asterisk/iax.conf - bindaddr /etc/asterisk/h323.conf - bindaddr /etc/asterisk/manager.conf - permit

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