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[edit] Description

If you are using GREY routes (not legal) be ready to experience false Answer or false RING. Shortly it is FAS. FAS is commonly referred to as False Answer Supervision and for a regular user this phenomenon means incorrect extra billing of calls: the billing starts earlier than the called party actually picks up the phone.

You can identify FAS when ACD is lower than average, but ASR is higher.

[edit] False ANSWER

That means that in some way between caller and callee some "grey" provider answers the call but still plays ringing sounds to fake the call.

The call will be marked as ANSWERED but in reality nobody will answer.

To avoid this - talk with your provider or use "white" routes.

[edit] False/Fake RING

When caller presses dial button - he immediately hears ringing signal - this is Fake (False) Ring.

One of the providers in the chain are generating it.

Solution - talk to provider to fix this or change provider.

Why it happens only sometimes - because call is routed through bad provider using different rules - sometimes all others are busy, sometimes it is cheaper and so on - that's Least Cost Routing or similar technology - in short - call is not routed over bad provider all the times.

MOR has function to set Fake Ring per device basis.

[edit] Useful to know

[edit] Betamax

This is very often happens with Betamax company group providers: http://backsla.sh/betamax

[edit] Voice Trading


This provider supports 3 quality routes:

  • Dialing number in E164 format: GREY
  • Prefix 00: STANDART
  • Prefix 000: PREMIUM

GREY plan has FALSE ANSWER problem.

[edit] See also

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