Convert WAV file to Asterisk playable format

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[edit] Linux

Install SOX:

yum install sox or apt-get install sox

If file1.wav is any WAV file, then executing this command:

/usr/bin/sox file1.wav -r 8000 -c 1 -s file2.wav -q

you will get Asterisk playable WAV file: file2.wav

Use following script if you need to convert multiple files:


ls >/tmp/a
for i in `cat /tmp/a`; do
   /usr/src/mor/x5/scripts/ $i /root/folder_with_Voices/rdy/$i

[edit] Recording a sound-file in Windows

We will show you an example using a free program, called AUDACITY

  • Download and install the program
  • Next, open Audacity and record the audio file that you need:


  • After you made the recording, save save sound file in .WAV format from the File menu:


  • Choose the Export option in the menu:


  • And save the file in .WAV format:


  • Afterwards, you can upload the sound file easily through the MOR GUI:
  • Best of all Audacity also works on Linux!!

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