Business Model - Voice Traffic Transit (Wholesale)

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[edit] Hardware


[edit] Software

Switch, billing, routing

Codecs, protocols, LCR

[edit] Suppliers

Where to find, forums:

Quality, price, ACD, ASR

Backup Provider!

[edit] Clients

Internet forums and communities are the main marketing channels in VoIP wholesale business.

[edit] Cashflow management

You need to have cash reserve to cover for non-paying Clients and to be able to provide stable traffic.

Take care about your credit with your Suppliers and do not reach the point, where your credit is exhausted, Clients were late to pay and you are out of cash.

In start not many Suppliers will give you credit, you will buy it with prepaid. Make sure you have enough cash reserve to cover this.

Take notice how long money travels to Supplier when you do a payment. Some are instant, some take days (wire-bank transfers).

[edit] Risks

  • Non-paying clients
    • Check
    • Prepaid
  • Contracts
  • FAS

[edit] Terminology

  • CC Traffic - Calling Card/Call Center Traffic - automatic short calls, huge amount
    • Miss calls - short calls from expensive numbers where called person dials back and pays a lot - ILLEGAL
  • Dual DTMF -
  • pop - Point-of-Presence - where hardware is stored, switches and other equipment, can be reached by ip or range of ips
  • RN - Rate Notifications (rate changes usually, same as RA)
  • RA - Rate Amendments (rate changes, same as RN)
  • Volume - traffic amount (minutes per day/per month, etc)
  • Talking about Providers/Suppliers/Terminators/Vendors
    • Unilateral - we are buying from them
    • Bilateral - we are buying from then and selling to them at the same time
  • Talking about routes:
    • cli - CallerID can be passed
    • noncli, nocli - CallerID cannot be passed (usually grey traffic over GSM terminals)
    • bd - Bangladesh
    • drc - Democratic Republic of the Congo
    • latam - Latin America
    • pak - Pakistan

[edit] Various

When talking with real person - use Countries/Network operators to describe Destination. Prefixes are for systems and rate files.

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