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[edit] Description

Aggregate statistics provide aggregated information about Terminators, Originators and Destinations (Calling Cards are not included in this page). Calls can be filtered and grouped by various parameters.

[edit] Usage

Go to STATISTICS –> Calls –> Aggregate


Here you are able to see

Image:Aggregates-1.jpg Image:Aggregates-2.jpg

[edit] Searching and grouping

Filter by

Filters allow to have more specific data. You can filter data by specific Date, User, Device, Terminator, Provider, CallerID (number part of CallerID), Destination (number) or Destination Group.

Destination and Destination Group filters support wildcard %. For example, if you enter 370% in Destination input then it will match all Destination numbers that start with 370. If you exclude % in Destination input then only exact number will be matched.
Destination Group input works in the same way - if you want to match Destination Groups by wildcard then you can use %. For example, if you enter Lithuania% then Destination Groups like Lithuania, Lithuania Mob, Lithuania Fix, etc., will be matched. Exclude % wildcard if you want exact match.

Group by

Filtered statictics need to be grouped by either User, Device, Terminator, Provider, Destination Group, Destination, Day, Hour, Originator Rate or any combination of these parameters. At least one Group by parameter needs to be selected.

[edit] Available details

Also search options allows you to choose what information should be shown:

  • General
    • From User perspective – lets you see Calls situation for real and from User perspective. It is useful if your LCRs have more than one Provider. If some of Providers in LCR are not reachable for one Call of User you will get few Calls which are recorded in database.
    • Use Real Billsec – check this option and instead of Duration of Call, will be shown real Billsec.
    • Show when Answered Calls >= – enter number to show records containing answered calls no less than the specified number. This setting works like global setting for Admin and Accountant separately. Value is not reset by logout or "Clear search". Value is saved permanently until the next change.
  • Show Columns
    • You are able to decide does Price, Billed Time of Originator and/or Terminator should be shown.
    • Same with Duration, Answered Calls and Total Calls amounts, ASR,ACD.

Finally you are able export results to CSV file.

Hidden users will not be shown in Originator and Terminator dropdowns, but will be displayed in search results.

[edit] From Reseller PRO

Simple reseller is not able to view Aggregate statistics. Reseller PRO must have Providers assigned to Terminators.

[edit] See also

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