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The network configuration should meet requirements listed in Recommended hardware for MOR server in "Redundant servers" section.

Network setup

  • Best scenario when both servers are on the same LAN (subnet).
  • If servers are on different LANs (subnets), VPNs between those servers have to be configured. Drawback - such setup management becomes too complicated.
  • If servers are in the different countries (continents), it might cause latency problems which have a negative influence on the speed of retrieving/inserting data to the DB (loading statistics, trying to retrieve some data, searching for a sound file, etc. will longer than usual).

Server setup

  • Servers should meet standard requirements
  • Servers should meet Redundant servers requirements
  • It is recommended to have Backup server with similar hardware as Main server
  • Both servers should have same MOR version
  • Backup server can be connected to existing production server anytime


  • Both servers (S1 and S2) are identical.
  • Both of them have two network interfaces - one for Virtual IP which is visible from outside, and one for local IP for interconnection (heartbeat monitoring, MySQL Replication)
  • DB are synchronized over MySQL Replication
  • LinuxHA heartbeat monitors servers, e.g.
    • When S1 fails - S2 sees that and after 10s (default) will take Virtual IP, e.g. will start to service calls, it is done automatically
    • When S1 is back up - S2 returns Virtual IP to S1 and system starts to function in normal workflow (done automatically).
  • VPN is necessary between servers if they are not on the same LAN
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