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IMPORTANT - the script is no longer supported.

Installation can be done only by Kolmisoft engineers

Instructions below describes how to install MOR X11 test (Free) version with 2 concurrent calls (no time limit).

1. Make sure server is running CentOS 6

and meets hardware requirements which can be found here.

2. Update OS and reboot server:

yum -y update

3. Install screen and subversion; Download MOR sources; Start screen:

yum -y install screen subversion
svn co /usr/src/mor

4. Start installation script


Press "n" when asked for system components, it will install default single server system.

5. Get GUI login password:

cat /var/log/mor/test_fix_reports/* | grep CRITICAL

Once installation is completed, GUI can be access by using http://<server_ip>/billing.

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