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[edit] Description

Admin login with approved IP's is a security measure which allows to approve only selected IP's that try to login with Admin Account.

[edit] Usage

Admin login with approved IP's can only be managed by the System Admin.

The functionality is turned on by default and can be turned off using the setting in MAINTENANCE > Settings > Security > Admin login with approved IP only: (we do not recommend to turn it off)


With the Setting enabled, all new login attempts with Admin account will fail with following message:


And will be reported to System Admin via Email. Then Admin can decide, whether to Accept such IP, or completely block it from the System by pressing on the appropriate link:


[edit] Notes

This is one-time thing for each new IP and only for admin account.

When IP is confirmed by administrator - any future attempts from this ip will be authorized.

Until Admin decides what to do with IP, this IP will not be able to login.

IP can be unblocked in the page: M2 Blocked IPs

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