M2 Hangupcause Codes

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Code Explanation
300 Not authenticated (accountcode = 0)
301 Originator not found by IP address
302 Global Call Limit reached
303 Originator Capacity reached
304 Originator's CPS Limit reached
305 Source (CallerID) not accepted by regexp
306 Originator Balance Limit reached (Balance Min)
307 Originator Rate not found
308 Dial Peer not found
309 Origination Point is not active
310 Suitable Terminator not found
311 User is blocked
312 Caller canceled the call (Freeswitch HGC ORIGINATOR_CANCEL 487)
313 User call limit reached
314 M2 radius server did not receive accounting start packet (acct start timeout)
315 M2 radius server did not receive accounting stop packet (acct stop timeout)
316 Freeswitch did not find termination point details
317 Registration to termination point failed
318 Originator codecs are not allowed
319 M2 can not make more calls
320 Balance too low to make a call
321 Caller's source number (CallerID) does not match terminator's source regexp
322 Caller's source number (CallerID) is denied by terminator's source deny regexp
323 Terminator's balance limit reached (balance max)
324 Rate margin is lower than allowed
325 Destination number is in blacklist
326 Destination number is not in the whitelist
327 Terminator's capacity reached
328 Terminator's user's call limit reached
329 Terminator's CPS limit reached
330 Destination is blocked in Originator's Tariff
331 Destination is blocked in Terminator's Tariff
332 Originator was found by IP but tech prefix does not match
333 Originator was found by IP but the port does not match
334 Source number is in blacklist
335 Source number is not in the whitelist
336 Destination can not be empty
337 Call comes from the server which is not assigned to the originator
338 Unreachable Terminator skipped (Periodic Check is enabled)
339 User is not allowed to dial through own terminators
340 User's call rate is higher than allowed
341 Originator's IP is unknown
342 Global Incoming System CPS limit reached
343 Too many hops
344 Terminator reached call limit in a Dial Peer
345 Terminator reached CPS limit in a Dial Peer
346 Call terminated by hangup command
347 Duplicate CallID/UniqueID
348 MySQL query timeout
349 Vendor is blocked
350 MNP search error
351 MNP CIP does not match TP
352 User daily spend limit reached
353 LNP search error
354 CLI/ANI is not in whitelist
355 CLI/ANI is in blacklist
356 CLD/DNIS is not accepted by regexp
357 CLD/DNIS is not in whitelist
358 CLD/DNIS is denied by regexp
359 CLD/DNIS is in blacklist
360 FROM domain is not allowed
361 TO domain is not allowed
362 Terminator balance limit reached (balance min)

All M2 HGC return SIP 503 by default.

This can be changed in /etc/m2/system.conf using

hgcX = code

Where X is M2 HGC, and code is ITU-T Q.850 Code and then execute the command:

m2 reload

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