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This file is in /etc/m2/system.conf and describes some values for the M2.

  • dbname - MySQL database name
  • dbuser - MySQL database user
  • dbhost - MySQL database host
  • dbsecret - MySQL database password
  • dbport - MySQL database port
  • global_call_timeout - maximum length of call (default 7200 seconds)
  • cdr_batch_size – after call end, cdr is stored in a buffer and when that buffer is full, all cdrs are flushed to database. This variable defines how many cdrs are buffered before flushing to database. Default value is 30 (after 30 calls all cdrs will be flushed to database)
  • cdr_flush_time – cdr buffer is periodically flushed to database. This variable defines how often to flush cdr buffer to database (value is in seconds). Default value is 60 seconds (after 60 seconds, all cdrs will be flushed to database, no matter how many calls are buffered)
  • balance_check_period – how often to recalculate total price for user's concurent calls. Calculated price is compared with user's balance and if total price is lower than balance limit, all user's calls will be terminated. Default value is 1 (in seconds)
  • active_calls_check_period – how often to update active calls. Default value is 5 (in seconds)
  • enforced_global_hgc – set specific hangupcause for all failed, busy and no answer calls. Only answered calls will return default 16 hangupcause. For example enforced_global_hgc = 34 will return 503 Service Unavailable to originator for all non answered calls.
  • start_timeout - timeout between call initiation and answer/hangup. Default value is 240 seconds. If call is not answered of hangup in this period of time, M2 will drop call with 314 HGC.
  • stop_timeoutt - timeout between call answer and hangup. Default value is 7200 seconds. If call is answered but hangup is not received in this period of time, M2 will drop call with 315 HGC.
  • server_id - current server id (should match Maintenance -> Servers)
  • billsec_round_function - how billsec should be rounded? Allowed values are ceil, round and floor. Ceil will round to higher value (1.1 will be rounded to 2), round will round to the closest value (1.4 will be rounded to 1 and 1.6 will be rounded to 2), floor will round to the lower value (1.9 will be rounded to 1). By default, ceil is used to round billsec.
  • max_call_attempts - maximum number of call attempts for a single call. Default value is 50.
  • do_not_log_failed_cdrs - Default 0. If 1, then M2 will not write FAILED CDRs to database. Use this option if you don't need FAILED CDRs, it will greatly improve system performance.
  • log_only_last_cdr - Default 0. If 1, then M2 logs only last CDR for the Call. M2 will not log failed attempts to terminators until call goes over the last one. Only one CDR is logged for the call. Can be used to improve system performance.

When settings are changed, core needs to be reloaded using following command:

m2 reload
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