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"MOR Class 5 Softswitch"

MOR is Class 5 softswitch with Billing and Routing with extended functionality, increased stability and professional support directly from the developers. It enables VoIP providers to offer various services.

Download ENGLISH manual in PDF "flag" here.

Download SPANISH manual in PDF "flag" here.

NOTE: info in the PDF Manual IS outdated, use this wiki for newest info.


[edit] Introduction

[edit] Concepts/Definitions

[edit] Configuration

[edit] Number Manipulation

[edit] Users

[edit] Tariffs

[edit] Devices

[edit] Providers

(also known as terminators, suppliers, vendors or trunks)

[edit] Call Routing

[edit] DIDs

[edit] Accounting

[edit] Reporting

[edit] Troubleshooting

[edit] Maintenance

[edit] Testing

[edit] Payment gateways

[edit] Other functionality

[edit] MOR Addons

[edit] Tutorials

[edit] Old Manuals

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