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[edit] About

M2 API lets other software interact with M2 without knowing the internal structure of the database (DB) and other logic.

M2 accepts requests by HTML POST and returns results in XML.

[edit] M2 users that are allowed to use M2 API

  • Admin
  • Manager - only by using Admin Hash and Secret key
  • Simple User

[edit] Functions

[edit] API Related

[edit] Balance

Various methods to retrieve User balance

[edit] Calls

  • user_calls_get (user_calls) – retrieves a list of calls in a selected time period for a user/device.

[edit] Currencies

[edit] Device

[edit] Login

[edit] Payments

[edit] Rates

[edit] Statistics

[edit] User

[edit] HTML POST

All requests are in a similar format:

HTML POST: http://<SERVER_IP>/billing/api/<function>?u=username
  • username - the user name and password of the user who is asking for the data.

If the user has 'admin' rights, he will get more results and can perform more actions compared to a user who does not have such rights.

[edit] Useful to know

  • All API methods returns data straight from database. It means that MOR GUI settings does not affect data, it will be returned as it is saved in database. For example:

[edit] See also

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