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Here is the FAQ for the article Retail Site and Mobile Dialer Integration

Common Questions

  • Price?
  • Please contact kalyan@shri.fi

  • Any hidden costs?
  • None

  • Per user license fee?
  • None

  • Do you offer rent option?
  • Currently there is no such option

  • Support?
  • 6 months support for upgrades and updates included

  • Time to market?
  • 10-15 working days after customer supplies the content/pictures and other necessary information/material (without additional development)

  • Any limits of concurrent calls or registered users?
  • No limits

Retail Site

  • What platform it is based on?
  • Wordpress - Woocommerce

  • Can I add additional pages?
  • Yes

  • Is it possible to sell Calling Cards with the website
  • Currently no, but it can be implemented, because MOR API supports Calling Cards

  • Additional Payment Gateways
  • Payment Gateways supported by Woocommerce can be implemented: LIST

  • Multi-language support?
  • Can be implemented with additional request

Mobile Dialers

  • Anti-blocking feature/Traffic Encryption? (Middle East compatibility)
  • Not supported yet

  • Bandwidth optimizer?
  • Not supported yet

  • Codecs?
  • G729 G711U/A GSM (additional upon separate request)

  • How to test?
  • Please follow these links and download applications:

  • Who submits applications into Google Play/App Store?
  • Better Client, we for separate fee.
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