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Manual configuration:

On the GUI server:

# Make an SSH key set special for Passenger Apache
mkdir -p /var/www/.ssh/
# Generate an RSA key with NO passcode
ssh-keygen -f /var/www/.ssh/id_rsa -q -t rsa -N ""
# Make Apache the owner of the keys
chown -R apache:apache /var/www/.ssh/
# Share the public key with the servers
cat /var/www/.ssh/ | ssh USER@SERVER_IP 'mkdir -p ~/.ssh && cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys && chmod -R 700 ~/.ssh'
# Repeat this step for all the remote servers you want your GUI to connect to (change USER and SERVER_IP correspondingly, USER=root for GUI->FS connection)

If you are using Centos 7, add these additional commands:

 cp -a /var/www/.ssh/ /usr/share/httpd/
 echo "StrictHostKeyChecking no" >> /usr/share/httpd/.ssh/config

If keys are configured, but GUI still cannot connect, check gui debug log, if it shows similar error like this:

Retrieve PCAP error: fingerprint 32:0f:3e:0e:3e:5f:04:be:a9:09:e3:82:28:44:89:64 does not match for ""

you need to remove from /var/www/.ssh/known_hosts

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